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Walther CP99

The Umarex Walther CP99 uses an 8-shot magazine, and the rifled steel barrel is precisely made to ensure superb accuracy and consistency. Being a non-blowback pistol, each CO2 capsule can provide up to 80 shots, making the Walther CP99 perfect for those extended plinking sessions. Used by police, marksmen, and collectors worldwide, the CP99 is used by all. Our CP99 comes fitted with a red dot laser sight, for maximum accuracy, and fun!


The SA10 from Umarex is another pellet-firing pistol. It has a tough polymer frame with a metal slide to give a heavy weight and long-lasting service. The double-action trigger means that you can either cock the slide back to give a lighter trigger pull, or continually pull the trigger to fire the 8 shots as quickly as you can. The view ports in the side of the slide allow you to see the gorgeous gold-coloured barrel.

Heckler & Koch P30

The Umarex H&K P30, now discontinued and no longer available for sale in the UK, is ideal for target shooting or general plinking, and therefore a big favourite among pistol shooters. This CO2 pistol is made from a combination of metal and high-impact polymer that keeps the pistol nice and light, but also incredibly strong. The 8-shot magazine is loaded into the top slide. The P30 features textured grips that are just like the real version, and is equipped with a red dot laser sight, like the Walther CP88 and CP99.

Dan Wesson 715 6"

The Dan Wesson 715 builds on the outstanding reputation of the standard Dan Wesson revolver, but takes it to the next level. The 715 features a much stronger and heavier one-piece barrel, which prevents movement, so you can always be on target. The cylinder-releasing mechanism is identical to that used on the real 715 pistol, which reinforces the sense of realism. The grip is moulded rubber, which is very comfortable to hold and use, thanks to its ergonomic shape. A high quality revolver!

Colt Python .357

This 4" version of the famous Colt Python features a strong metal construction, which gives it a very authentic feel. Like the Legends S25, the 6-shot metal cylinder, which holds the metal shells, revolves on each cock of the hammer, just like the real thing. The double-action trigger allows shooters to either pull the trigger from its standard position to empty the cylinder as quickly as possible, or to cock the hammer and then pull the trigger with a lighter pull for increased accuracy. Open sights only, for the ultimate challenge!

Walther PPQ

The Walther PPQ has a number of features that enhance its safety and accuracy. The HI-GRIP surface finish in the grip area ensures quick, safe handling. This authentic replica has the same cylinder magazine system that has made Umarex CO₂-powered airguns so popular all over the world for decades. The adjustable rear sight and Picatinny rail under the muzzle give users many ways to adapt the Walther PPQ to their requirements.

Dan Wesson 6"

Impressive and elegant, this 6” Silver CO2 revolver, licensed by Dan Wesson, packs a mean punch. It's one of a new generation of Dan Wesson airguns with a rifled metal barrel, allowing the use of standard airgun pellets, which improves both the range and precision of the pistol. The revolver features a double-action trigger system and adjustable rear sight for great accuracy and precision. A fantastic revolver, perfectly suited to all who think that yes, size does matter indeed ;-)

Walther CP88

The Umarex Walther CP88 is a superb-quality, full-metal CO2 pistol. This model of the CP88 comes with the original 4" barrel, and in the black version. Like its bigger brother, the CP88 Competition, the trigger system is double action, so the pistol can either be fired repeatedly, or the hammer can be cocked first for a lighter and more precise trigger pull. It is also fitted with red dot laser sight for improved accuracy and total fun!

Please note:

For safety reasons, and due to conditions applicable to our Public Liability Insurance, the minimum age for pistol shooting at the range is 14 years old.